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Mange Spray - In Stock

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Mange Spray Products are priced comparable to other mange treatments.

How Do Our Cure For Mange Work?

Our Mange Spray Treatment is Easy-To-Use proven highly effective mange treatment. Perhaps that's why we have seen a surge in demand for this Mange Spray product over the last several years. Use it to eliminate trips to the dog or cat groomer to get treated for the pesky irritation.

EFFECTIVE USES: Safe to use directly on skin ravaged by Sarcoptic, Demodectic, and Notoedric Mange. Cleans and promotes healing. Safe to use on all animals including birds and mites on reptiles.

Also remember to use PetsBestRx Healing & Protection Spray to combat the effects of the harmful bacteria on their skin, which can cause odor other serious problems for your pet.

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2oz Mange Spray
Mange Treatment For Dogs
Allstop Scabies & Mite Family Super Pack
Allstop Scabies Complete Family Pack

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