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AllStop Dead Bed Bugs Killer Spray - - Eco Friendly - 32 oz Bed Bug Spray by Dead Bed Bugs- 64 oz Safest 100% Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 5 Gal
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Bed Bug Spray by Dead Bed Bugs - 32 oz Bed Bug Spray by Dead Bed Bugs - 64 oz Safest 100% Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 5 Gal
Click on the Product Picture to Learn More - AllStop Eco-Friendly, true 25(b) exempt, natural pesticide Bed Bug Spray with multiple actives will kill bed bugs and other crawling bugs without toxic pesticides! Fast acting and effective!

Click on the Product Picture to Learn More - AllStop  Dead Bed Bugs Spray is Effective on all bugs - EPA 25b exempt which means it is safe around pets, children and food. Average kill time for bed bugs is tested at 15 seconds! Click on the Product Picture to Learn More - AllStop Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth 5 Gal or approx. 20 lbs :: 100% Natural Amorphous Fossil Shell Flour, Safe and Easy to Use  to people and pets - no bait or pesticides. 100% safe around children or pets and no masks required! Sourced from the #1 US manufacturer Permaguard. ::

Discovered you Establishment has Bed Bugs?

Are they sucking the blood right out of your business?

Your Fast, Effective, Non-Toxic Solution is Waiting

Eliminate Bed Bugs and Revive your Business Today!

The Bed Bug Management Experts

The Bed Bug Bureau has been destroying parasites and Bed Bugs for over 5 years. We started out by treating people for their bites and allergic reactions to them; however, without eradicating the parasites in their environment, we didn't solve their problem. People continued to get re-infested. In time, we shifted the focus of our company to completely solving the issues of our customers. We've invested years into improving and perfecting both our products and environment treatments. We accomplished this with the assistance of independent labs, parasite experts, field tests and direct customer feedback. Today, well over 125,000 successful parasite and Bed Bug treatments and eradications have occurred thanks to our solutions. We possess the most comprehensive and effective bed bug solutions just for the Hospital Industry and are considered national experts in bed bug control and elimination. We are so sure of our the quality and effectiveness of our bed bug management system, that we guarantee it to work for you.

What our customers appreciate most about Bed Bug Bureau is the ease in which our system fits into the hospitality maintenance program and makes bed bug management a minor inconvenience. Would this match up to your expectations?

Why should you Care?

Whether the reported bed bugs are true or not, many guests will avoid staying at your hotel because of Bed Bug Reports. Growing public awareness and news stories of Bed Bug infestations in 5 star hotels to economy motels, across the country, have made internet searches for Bed Bugs reports in hotels, as common as room availability. Reasons you should care:
  • Traditional eradication costs can be in the tens of thousands for some 5 star Hotels, and many follow the scorched earth policy of stripping everything to the bare walls and starting over.
  • Published Bed Bug litigation against your Hotel can leave your advertising campaigns and public relation efforts in ruins.
  • Lost income due to out of service rooms will negatively impact your revenue per available room.
  • Poor public perception of your hotel. People will think you run a filthy operation no matter the reputation of your hotel.
  • Negative impact towards the morale of your guests and staff members due to Bed Bug attacks.
  • Government troubles such as intrusion, regulation and fines stemming from Bed Bug outbreaks in your hotel.

About Bed Bugs

Why Are Bed Bugs the Pest of the 21st Century?

Bed Bugs have become immune to many of the modern pesticides and have evolved into a super bug that can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. They spend most of their life cycle in hiding, and only come out to feed primarily on human blood, when the victims are asleep. In fact, a sleeping person can be bitten up to 500 times in a single night! Victims suffering from Bed Bug bites often feel embarrassed and violated. NO ONE wants creepy little bugs crawling on them and biting them while they sleep at night. Even worse, Bed Bugs are master hitchhikers. Thus, if one of your guests or staff members comes in contact with a Bed Bug, chances are they will take them home with them.
Traditional Treatments Are Not Discreet.

A brightly decorated pest control truck in the parking lot or a team of exterminators hauling equipment in and out of your building are both dead giveaways that your hotel has a Bed Bug problem. In effect, advertising you have a pest problem, and ultimately, embarrassing your hotel. Exterminators + Multiple Treatment Calls = Expensive and Ineffective Solution

Initial service visits can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars into the thousands just for a single room. In fact, some companies have been known to charge $50,000 to $60,000 for severe outbreaks. An Alarming Fact about Commercial Exterminators

There is no guarantee that one, two, or even ten expensive service visits from the exterminator will solve your Bed Bug problem. A treated room can be Bed Bug free one day, and the next day, a new guest can unknowingly bring in a few, almost microscopic Bed Bug eggs, and a new colony is born. Traditional Control Methods are Ineffective and Can Be Dangerous

The latest research suggests that Bed Bugs have developed resistance to many of the modern toxic pesticides exterminators use, and are likewise growing immune to newer pesticides at alarming rates. Also, many pesticides applied to treat Bed Bugs simply flush the bugs into deeper hiding areas, instead of getting rid of them. Consequently, once the residual effects of the toxic chemicals have worn off, the Bed Bugs return months later to attack again. In fact, Bed Bugs can live in hiding for up to a year without a blood meal. Treatment methods such as these aren't helping the problem get better. By contrast, they are making the problem worse. A Bed Bug Problem Will NEVER Be Solved by Traditional Pest Control Methods

It's time to take the mask off the pest control scam. This Bed Bug pandemic is a gold mine for them. Why? Because if they taught the hospitality industry the simple and effective ways of how to detect and prevent bed bug re-infestations there wouldn't be the cash cow that they are enjoying!

Whether by design or ignorance the pest control companies have allowed this problem to reach a critical mass. They are riding and hiding behind the wave of public outcry and demand for action to take your profits! Now bed bugs are in every major metro area of the continent and the probability a bed bug infestation is almost a given if you are located in these areas. The unprecedented demand for Bed Bug control is inviting unreasonable charges from exterminators. The situation has become a "they win and you lose" scenario!

Our "Covert" Bed Bug Management System trains your housekeeping and maintenance staff to Detect, Destroy and Deter Bed Bugs, and with our cost effective, non-toxic products, you will completely eliminate the problem, no matter the size of your Hotel or building. Our System will also show you how to detect and eliminate any re-infestation before it spreads and becomes public again.

About the Solution

Put an End to the Bed Bug Nightmare

Bed Bugs infestations are at historic levels and many major metro areas have quickly gotten out of control. Bed Bugs are everywhere and no Hotel is immune to an infestation. Taking a proactive role puts you, the owner or manager, back in control. Bed Bug Bureau gives you all the tools you need to do it the right way, the first time. You will be proud to be Bed Bug free!

An Innovative and Cost Effective Bed Bug Management System Unfortunately, hotels and motels are particularly prone to bed bug infestations because of the continuous stream of people coming and going. As specialists in commercial and residential Bed Bug treatments, the Bed Bug Bureau can help you implement an innovative, cost effective system that will detect, eliminate and contain a bed bug threat before your guests know there is a problem.

Our non-toxic "green" products have proven extremely effective in laboratory and field tests, as well as safe to use by staff and consumers. Our Hospitality Bed Bug Management system incorporates early detection, effective treatment, and deterrence, while seamlessly fitting into daily housekeeping and maintenance routines. Our System has proven to be discreet, cost effective and the most complete bed bug management program available to the Hospitality industry.

An Effective 3 Step System

Below is an outline of Bed Bug Bureau's Bed Bug Management system. As you will see, our system is simple to implement, and effective at managing Bed Bugs in any hotel or motel. Our system will teach you how to:

1. Detect:
Find out how to inspect for Bed Bugs in a quick and efficient manner in order to find them at the early stages of an infestation.

2. Destroy:
Acquire treatment methods that are effective against Bed Bugs quickly and covertly. Also, learn how to contain even the most severe infestations.

3. Deter:
Properly implementing our deterrence methods make your hotel unfriendly and uninhabitable for Bed Bugs, yet safe for humans to live in.

Our System Can Train Anyone to Control Bed Bugs Easily

No matter what size hotel/motel you manage, our system will train existing staff to quickly, quietly and inexpensively control bed bug infestations. Cleaning staff and maintenance personnel can quickly and easily integrate treatment steps into their daily workflow.

Multi-language formats available.

Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray

Simply Spray and Walk Away! This non-toxic, non-staining, environmentally-safe and powerful formula, gets rid of all visible Bed Bugs and other insects quickly and effectively. Our proprietary blend of ingredients provide a triple knockout punch that combats bed bugs in just a few seconds. Spray directly on infested areas and the Bed Bugs become Dead Bed Bugs!

7 oz. / 0.2 kg Safer Ant & Crawling Insect Killer (Diatomaceous Earth)

Our DE is a non-toxic powder that is spread discreetly throughout a room to create a deadly, preventative barrier between room occupants and Bed Bugs. If a Bed Bug does indeed come into contact with DE, the powder pierces the bug's exoskeleton. Consequently, this dehydrates the bug resulting in death. We only use Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth in our DE, meaning any airborne dust from this product is completely safe if inhaled by humans. This product may also be used to treat fleas, mites, scabies, mange, and other parasitic insects.

Professional Steam Cleaner

Start packing the Power of Steam! Our multi-purpose professional grade Steam Cleaner harnesses the power of steam to help you take control of the Bed Bug infestation. At a constant temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam ensures the unwanted pests quickly disappear

All Stop Mattress Encasements.

The mattress and box spring are often the prime Bed Bug hiding areas. Our specially designed mattress/box spring encasements are made to create a physical barrier to restrict Bed Bug Movement. Our encasements are made from bed bug proof technology, which is the most durable yet comfortable on the planet!

Additionally, the encasements are "bite proof" and "escape proof". Thus, the Bed Bugs and eggs within the mattress and box spring are sealed and trapped. The Bed Bugs are then unable to feed, and will eventually die. When used with DE, the encasement creates an ultra-powerful, residual, Bed Bug deathtrap. Additionally, All Stop Mattress Encasements will allow you to salvage an infested bed.

The Bed Bug Management Experts
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The Dead Bed Bugs System is a pesticide-free solution that mechanically attacks bed bugs. Using our system takes only 3 simple steps: Detect, Destroy, and Deter. Use the Dead Bed Bugs system to implement the secrets the pros use!
bed bug bureau

Bed Bug Bureau detection


During the detection stage you will find out when, where and how to inspect for Bed Bugs in a quick and efficient manner. With the help of our Bed Bug Survival Guide, detecting bed bugs is as easy as it gets! Our easy-to-follow regimen contains key knowledge such as common bed bug hiding spots and how to spot bed bug residue and eggs. Using our Survival Guide will help end your aggravating game of hide and seek with Bed Bugs.


Use powerful weapons such as our Contact Killing Spray to attack bed bugs instantly. The Contact Killing Spray is a fresh, peppermint-scented formula made up of non-toxic ingredients that goes to work against bed bugs immediately. In addition to the Spray, our Professional Steamer is great for treating and dislodging any remaining bed bug eggs and loose debris once the Contact Killing Spray has been used. With the Contact Killing Spray and Professional Steamer, kiss the days of paying an exterminator thousands of dollars to spray smelly, dangerous chemicals in your home goodbye.

Destroy Dead Bed Bugs With Our Contact Killing Spray and Professional Steamer
Safer Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Combo to kill bed bugs


In the deter stage you will build a protective barrier between you and bed bugs as well as keep them from using your home as their very own private vacation destination. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a non-toxic, residual bed bug killer. Applying a near-invisible layer of DE anywhere bed bugs may hide, will create a deadly trap to these blood sucking pests. Best of all, once applied, the Diatomaceous Earth provides a long-term, residual barrier from bed bugs.


The Secure Sleep Premium Mattress Protectors were made primarily to keep bed bugs, dust mites & allergens away from you and your family. This very comfortable mattress encasement fully encases your mattress, box spring and pillows to prevent bed bugs and dust mites from moving in or out. These soft, breathable mattress protectors feature patented zipper technology with 3-way protection and reinforced zipper closure and seams.

Mattress Protector

Dead Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bug Articles

Bed Bugs as Disease Vectors

Written By: Agent P

As of late, there are several stories in the news, about bed bugs carrying diseases, and transmitting them to their victims. This isn't hard to imagine, because other blood-feeding parasites, such as mosquitoes, are disease vectors, transmitting malaria, yellow fever, and even the deadly West Nile virus.

Well, thankfully with bed bugs, this is not the case. It seems one of the threats they do pose to humans, however, is the actual infestations themselves, which technically are a disease. A disease can include any parasitic relationship, where an ectoparasite (bed bugs) feeds on a host (humans).

One of the symptoms of bed bugs disease (read:infestations) include the red, itchy bite marks, often left behind after a nighttime feeding frenzy. The bites, interestingly enough, closely resemble mosquito bites, and are about as itchy. However, only about half of all people bitten by bed bugs suffer reactions to the bites.

The itching and swelling attributed to the bites is actually your body's reaction to the bed bugs saliva, which contains anti-coagulants and anesthetics, to ensure your blood keeps flowing, and you feel nothing while they feed. Bed bug bite reactions vary among victims. Some experience the redness and itchiness almost immediately, some may not see bite reactions for 1 to 2 days after being bitten, and still others may show no signs of bed bug feeding at all. Most bite reactions subside a week to two weeks after appearing, and rarely, if ever leave long term evidence.

Other symptoms of bed bug infestations are psychological, and more lasting. These are the nightmares and insomnia many bed bug sufferers report. In fact, several of us here at the Bed Bug Bureau, after handling and feeding bed bugs, have sleepless nights worrying we've brought bed bugs home, either by nearly-invisible, hitchhiking nymphs or the extremely sticky, microscopic bed bug eggs.

Some severe infestations have caused people to have delusional parasitosis, or imagining bugs are crawling on your body, even though there is nothing physically on you. It can be very stressful condition, and disruptive to your everyday way of life. Imagine trying to be in a professional setting or having dinner at a nice restaurant, then it hits you, bed bugs are crawling all over your body, in your hair and ears, and even between your toes. To make matters worse, you're the only one who can feel them, or even see them. Talk about horrifying! Thankfully, this only happens in extreme cases, but it's still scary to think about.

While bed bugs are not disease carriers in the traditional sense, they can still inflict just as much pain and annoyance as other blood-sucking insects, mosquitos. Unfortuantely, there is no bed bug repellant you can spray on you, to keep bed bugs from attacking you in the night. But fortunately, by being proactive you can minimize your exposure to bed bugs, and hopefully never have to deal with these parasites, and the symptoms caused by their bites.

Check out the Bed Bug Bureau for more tips and advice that can help you destroy, and even avoid bed bugs from attacking you!

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