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Are Bed Bugs checking in and ruining your Business?

Our cost effective system will quickly get rid of the problem quietly and discreetly.

And it's Guaranteed!

Bed Bugs checking in to attack hotel

Whether your visiting this web site because you found out there was a reported Bed Bug complaint at your hotel, just got word of a possible Bed Bug law suit against your hotel, or after multiple exterminator treatments, you still have Bed Bugs and now the problem has your attention. Industry experts indicate the number of bed bug infestations have increased over 1,000% in the last 3 years. They report the increase was due to inadequate pest control methods, failure to detect early signs infestations, and ignoring reported infestations altogether. What is your plan if you have an outbreak in your area?

Put an End to the Bed Bug Nightmare
Bed Bugs infestations are at historic levels and many major metro areas have quickly gotten out of control. Bed Bugs are everywhere and no Hotel is immune to an infestation. Taking a proactive role puts you, the owner or manager, back in control. Bed Bug Bureau gives you all the tools you need to do it the right way, the first time. You will be proud to be Bed Bug free!

An Innovative and Cost Effective Bed Bug Management System
Unfortunately, hotels and motels are particularly prone to bed bug infestations because of the continuous stream of people coming and going. As specialists in commercial and residential Bed Bug treatments, the Bed Bug Bureau can help you implement an innovative, cost effective bed bug treatment that will detect, eliminate and contain a bed bug threat before your guests know there is a problem.

Our non-toxic "green" products have proven extremely effective in laboratory and field tests, as well as safe to use by staff and consumers. Our Hospitality Bed Bug Management system incorporates early detection, effective treatment, and deterrence, while seamlessly fitting into daily housekeeping and maintenance routines. Our System has proven to be discreet, cost effective and the most complete bed bug management program available to the Hospitality industry.

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AllStop Dead Bed Bugs Killer Spray - - Eco Friendly - 32 oz Bed Bug Spray by Dead Bed Bugs- 64 oz Safest 100% Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 5 Gal
List Price: $59.95
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Bed Bug Spray by Dead Bed Bugs - 32 oz Bed Bug Spray by Dead Bed Bugs - 64 oz Safest 100% Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth - 5 Gal
Click on the Product Picture to Learn More - AllStop Eco-Friendly, true 25(b) exempt, natural pesticide Bed Bug Spray with multiple actives will kill bed bugs and other crawling bugs without toxic pesticides! Fast acting and effective!

Click on the Product Picture to Learn More - AllStop  Dead Bed Bugs Spray is Effective on all bugs - EPA 25b exempt which means it is safe around pets, children and food. Average kill time for bed bugs is tested at 15 seconds! Click on the Product Picture to Learn More - AllStop Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth 5 Gal or approx. 20 lbs :: 100% Natural Amorphous Fossil Shell Flour, Safe and Easy to Use  to people and pets - no bait or pesticides. 100% safe around children or pets and no masks required! Sourced from the #1 US manufacturer Permaguard. ::

Learn How To Easily Detect, Destroy, and Deter Bed Bugs Forever!

The Dead Bed Bugs System is a pesticide-free solution that mechanically attacks bed bugs. Using our system takes only 3 simple steps: Detect, Destroy, and Deter. Use the Dead Bed Bugs system to implement the secrets the pros use!

bed bug bureau
Bed Bug Bureau detection


During the detection stage you will find out when, where and how to inspect for Bed Bugs in a quick and efficient manner. With the help of our Bed Bug Survival Guide, detecting bed bugs is as easy as it gets! Our easy-to-follow regimen contains key knowledge such as common bed bug hiding spots and how to spot bed bug residue and eggs. Using our Survival Guide will help end your aggravating game of hide and seek with Bed Bugs.


Use powerful weapons such as our Contact Killing Spray to attack bed bugs instantly. The Contact Killing Spray is a fresh, peppermint-scented formula made up of non-toxic ingredients that goes to work against bed bugs immediately. In addition to the Spray, our Professional Steamer is great for treating and dislodging any remaining bed bug eggs and loose debris once the Contact Killing Spray has been used. With the Contact Killing Spray and Professional Steamer, kiss the days of paying an exterminator thousands of dollars to spray smelly, dangerous chemicals in your home goodbye.

Destroy Dead Bed Bugs With Our Contact Killing Spray and Professional Steamer
Safer Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Combo to kill bed bugs


In the deter stage you will build a protective barrier between you and bed bugs as well as keep them from using your home as their very own private vacation destination. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a non-toxic, residual bed bug killer. Applying a near-invisible layer of DE anywhere bed bugs may hide, will create a deadly trap to these blood sucking pests. Best of all, once applied, the Diatomaceous Earth provides a long-term, residual barrier from bed bugs.


The Bed Bug mattress protectors are specially designed to protect your valuable mattress from the blood-sucking bed bugs, their eggs, and the debris they live behind. The extra-deep mattress covers will fit Twin, Queen, King, and even California King mattresses up to 16" tall. When used with Diatomaceous Earth, the Bed Bug Encasements will create an inhospitable, bite-proof tomb for any bed bugs and eggs unfortunate enough to be trapped inside. Also, the Bed Bug Mattress Covers have the added benefit of blocking dust mites, liquids, mold, and up to 99.85% of irritant allergen particulates.

Paravinyl Mattress Encasement Protectors

Dead Bed Bugs Treatment
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