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Liceadex Advanced Lice Treatment

Your One Step Head Lice Treatment & Nit Removal System

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Don't worry, we have an easy one step solution for you that is very affordable, effective and will save you lots of time.
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Liceadex Non-Toxic Lice Gel, a One Step Lice and Nit Removal Gel

Liceadex is a special, one of a kind, head lice treatment that is a natural formula that provides a safe effective way to kill lice and their eggs, without traditional and potentially harmful pesticide ingredients like permethrin or pyrethrum found in many over the counter lice shampoo solutions or expensive multiple step essential oil based solutions. Our formulation is one of the fastest acting and most effective products you will find today.


  • Kills all lice and eggs naturally in minutes
  • Contains no head lice treatment pesticides-No Pyrethrum!
  • Allows for easy pain-free, tangle-free nit and debris removal
  • Rinses completely clean without oily residue
  • Can be used multiple times safely
  • Can be used safely after "other" head lice treatments have been used
Field tested and perfected in professional laboratories and head lice treatment Salons around the world, the Liceadex head lice treatment system is considered the best head lice treatment available because it is 98% effective, time saving and rinses clean from the hair. An entire head lice treatment can be done in a little as 20 minutes for short hair and about an hour for very long hair.
An entire Liceadex One Step Head Lice Treatment costs as little as $9.95 including a debris removal comb and cap.

What Our Customers Say...

Reviewer: Katherin Sager from Bakersfield, CA
"We had been fighting head lice for 3 weeks, we tried Nix, olive oil, Vaseline, coconut oil, tea tree oil , everything on every site we could find and then we found Liceadex Head Lice treatment, I washed my daughters hair that night and she was in school the next day and the head lice were gone! I merely put it in for the 20 minutes and then combed it out with a Head lice comb and rinsed. This product is great."

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About Head Lice

Head Lice, or Pediculus humanus capitis, are the most common form of all three species of Lice that infest humans.

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Head lice are dependent upon a human host for survival, and will feed 4-6 times per day. Head Lice, attracted by warmth and human scent, will die in approximately 48 hours without a blood meal. Head Lice do not jump or fly to others, instead head lice are passed on by actual physical contact or sharing of personal items such as combs, brushes or clothing. Also, you can't contract Head Lice from an animal such as a pet.

Head lice use their claw like legs to attach themselves to a hair shaft to pull themselves along at a rate of 12 inches per hour.


Head Lice Infestations are common, found worldwide and affecting between 6-20 million people every year. Head Lice do not discriminate based on wealth or cleanliness. They affect all races; however, they are more prevalent in Caucasians in the United States due to the round shape of their hair shaft. There is however a species of Head Lice common in Africa that mainly affects individuals of African American descent in the US.

The reason that this species of lice favor the African descent is due to the oval shaping of their hairs cross sections. In the United States, African Americans are reported to have much lower incidences of Head Lice than Caucasians, Hispanics or Asian Americans. Pediatric Dermatology cites various studies that suggest the incidence of Head Lice among African American school children is less than half of one percent. While the incidence among their non-black schoolmates is usually more than 10 percent. The length of ones hair does not determine if a person is going to get Head Lice or not; however it will require an aggressive Head Lice treatment.

While it was previously thought that Head Lice do not transmit disease, new studies are showing that the Head Lice are capable transmitting blood pathagins.

This is very significant evidence; Body Lice has long been associated with the transmission of typhus and trench fever. Therefore, the idea of the Head Lice being a potential vector for diseases cannot be underestimated.

Do I have Head Lice

The general symptoms of a Head Lice infestation are intense itching and scratching on the scalp, back of neck and behind the ears. Sometimes a presence of a red rash can accompany the infested area. The red rash is caused by a reaction and irritation to the saliva of the Lice.

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It is sometimes possible for an individual to be infested for a while before they become aware of the itching and irritation. Overall, a Lice infestation is usually easy to detect. Most people can feel a crawling sensation and see nits attached to the hair shaft. People also report seeing Louse droppings; these look like a fine black powder on sheets and pillows.


Head Lice Symptoms:
  • Intense itching on scalp area, back of neck and behind ears
  • Scratching in the areas previously mentioned
  • Rash on or near the infested area
  • Presence of nits on shafts of hair
  • Presence of Lice insects
Lice are transmitted from person to person by close personal and prolonged contact. It is also possible to acquire a Head Lice infestation via contact with inanimate objects, such as contaminated items of clothing, hats, bedding, towels, grooming utensils, hair ornaments and upholstered furniture. Head Lice outbreaks are more common among school age children. Girls tend to contract this condition more often than boys because they like to play dress up, play in each others hair and have sleepovers.

Transmission also occurs when individuals are sharing a common bed, whether an intimate relationship is present or not. Infestations may also be common in families, dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals and other institutions. In any situation, a good proven Head Lice treatment is required.

It is a misconception that Head Lice infestations are due to the lack of cleanliness. An interesting fact about Lice is the Head Louse actually prefers clean hair and scalp. In the presence of soiled hair and scalp the Louse cannot adequately apply the nit to the hair shaft.

The Head Lice Treatment Solution

as00120-140-boxThe Liceadex Head Lice treatment and removal formula kills lice naturally and faster than all the other lice shampoo treatments on the market today. With the Liceadex Head Lice Treatment System you are already finished before the second step of most other treatments!

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Liceadex Head Lice Treatment is also gentle on the hair and rinses clean. The Liceadex Head Lice Treatment formula does not contain any strong, difficult to rinse out essential oils that leave a nasty smell in your hair for hours. The Liceadex Non-Toxic, One-Step Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal System does not require hours to complete a treatment, is very affordable and does not need a place to store all the toxic lice shampoo on the market.

Most lice infestations have their own unique origins and stories. However our head lice customers want a product that really works, is safe and non-toxic, and does not rely solely on nit combs to mechanically, and painfully, eliminate head lice and nits.

Lice + Treatment = Happy Kids

It Really works! Countless scores of loyal, happy customers, schools and salons can attest to the effectiveness of the head_lice_ebook_widget Liceadex One-Step Lice and Nit removal Gel and our other products for lice.

It is Non-toxic & Completely Safe! The Liceadex Lice Treatment System is perfectly balanced formulas are safe for the entire family, and contain no harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Forget about painful nit combing! Our Liceadex One-Step Lice and Nit Removal Gel not only kills lice and nits in a few minutes, but it also melts the glue holding the nits to the hair shaft, making it very easy and painless to remove dead lice and nits, without having to rip them out with a nit comb.

The super lubricating, Liceadex Lice Gel goes to work almost instantly to get rid of the head lice unlike other lice shampoo. It breakdowns the exoskeleton of the head lice and ruptures the Nits outer shells leaving any unborn Louse no chance of hatching and infesting you or your child, while leaving their hair squeaky clean.

The specially formulated lice removal Gel also melts the Nit glue that holds the Lice eggs onto the hair AND eradicates lice and eggs on the shafts of hair. This means no more yanking a nit comb through the hair to get rid of the lice. To use, simply apply the gel to the hair, and after a few minutes, rinse out the Gel and remove any debris (dead lice and nits) from the hair, and you are done!
Discover The Liceadex Difference liceadex-mother-and-child

Customer's Success Stories

"I recommend it regularly to schools and parents
Being a Healthcare Professional and a mother of three, I understand the danger of putting Toxic chemicals on my children's heads and, most of all, the horrible feeling you get when the school calls. I'm proud to offer my patients a product that actually offers a Safe & Simple formula for Lice. I have first-hand experience to know that it actually works the first time and I recommend it regularly to schools and parents."
- Linda, LPN

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"Saved me from going through the nightmare of having to deal with Lice a second time
As a healthcare professional and a mother of a two-year-old, I am writing to personally thank Q-Based Healthcare and give credit to their Lice products. I was completely floored when my two-year-old daughter came home from daycare with a Lice infestation, especially since she had not shown any of the warning signs. I proceeded to do what any good mother would do: wash laundry, clean everything in my possession from top to bottom, and check my daughters scalp.
I obtained the Lice products from Q-Based Healthcare and applied them to my daughter. Even though I went through all the necessary protocols pertaining to Lice, I still checked my daughter's scalp thoroughly everyday upon returning from daycare.
Using Liceadex Lice products really saved me from going through the nightmare of having to deal with Lice a second time. I am so thankful for using your Lice products!"
- Amanda Perry, LPN

"I looked for a safe solution online and found Liceadex.
Some of the parents bought the over-the-counter stuff from our local stores, but that was not doing anything to kill the Lice. I did not even want to try that on my son because of the hazards and toxic effects of pyrethrum, especially since the stuff did not even work. I looked for a safe solution online and found Liceadex. They saved our baseball season!! After just one application, the Lice were dead. I told all the other parents what I had used and they all switched to Liceadex also. Thanks!"
- The Ellenville Eagles Little League Team

"You could actually watch the little bugs dying in the sink.
My 16-year-old daughter got Head Lice at a marine base where she was at for a weekend drill. I was horrified. I did not know what I was going to do. She has waist-length, thick, thick hair and I was completely creeped out by the idea of bugs on her head. I got the stuff from Q-Based and I was absolutely amazed by how well it works. The stuff melted the eggs off of the hair shaft. They just pulled right off when I would comb through her hair. We had scraped them off of her and just watch them DIE. So it was really great and I just wanted to tell Q-Based thank you so much for helping me and my daughter out and I would use any of your products again."
- Cindy, Louisiana

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The Lice Treatments Guarantee

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We are so confident our products are the RIGHT choice for you we provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

We only ask you make an honest effort to use our products as directed. If you do not see a noticeable improvement, contact one of our Customer Service Professionals within 7 days of receipt of your product. This allows us to give you additional assistance or to make a change in the treatment regimen. If our product does not perform when used as a complete solution, we will gladly provide you a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

For more information on returns, please read our Company Policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Head Lice

Will regular medicated shampoo work for a head lice treatment?

Regular medicated shampoo will not work against head lice unless they are made specifically as a lice shampoo. Some medicated shampoos can help with itchy scalp if they contain ingredients like tea tree oil.
However, this is only a temporary solution because until you kill the head lice bugs you will not be able to get rid of lice and your lice infestation will only grow larger.

Will head lice go away without treatment?

Head lice will not go away if they are left untreated. The head lice infestation will only get worse. Head lice treatment is necessary to rid of lice.
With an adult head louse laying about eight eggs per day and the life cycle lasting about 10 days. You can potentially have 80 bugs within a ten day period.

Why is your one step head lice treatment a head lice cure?

Our one step head lice treatment is proven effective through our trials and case studies. The All Stop Liceadex Head Lice Treatment and Removal Gel is formulated (1) to kill the head lice bugs and nits in the hair,(2) dissolve the nit glue and (3) aid in tangle free lice and nit removal, all in one step. Liceadex Head Lice Treatment rinses out of the hair completely for final conditioner treatment.

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