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Are you experiencing extreme itching around your genital area? Nothing satisfies the itching sensations? Is the itching even worse at night, causing you to lose sleep? Have you noticed bluish-gray sores or red and irritated sores around your genital area, upper thighs or lower torso? If so, you are probably dealing with a case of Pubic Lice and time is not on your side! This serious condition calls for attention immediately! You have come to the right place,We are here to help you resolve the situation and rid you of these embarrassing and disgusting blood-sucking parasites.
Have you noticed black specs in your underwear and,or pants? Can you see small white or yellow specs on your pubic hair? Pubic Lice are no joke, and if left untreated can create serious problems for their host. Pubic Lice must be treated immediately in order to prevent spreading the lice to others as well as to avoid foul-smelling pubic hair and serious bacterial skin infections due to intense scratching. Bacterial infections are common with Pubic Lice due to excessive scratching enhanced by pubic lice excrement entering the open wounds.

We had to evacuate our home during Hurricane Katrina. We stayed in a shelter for about two weeks... ended up with lice... Even though they had hurricane damage they needed to take care of, they still took care of us. Their products were amazing and our lice were dead in no time.
Name Withheld, Abbeville, Louisiana

About Pubic Lice

Pubic Lice, also known as Phthirus pubis or crabs, infest an estimated 3 million people in the United States each year with even more cases found world wide. Although an infestation of Pubic Genital Lice is scientifically termed as pediculosis, it is often considered a sexually transmitted disease or STD.

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Pubic Lice are a parasitic insect that commonly infests the genital area of humans. These genital Lice are generally less mobile compared to body or head Lice. Lice in pubic hair are usually referred to as crabs. They obtained this name due to their resemblance to the crab and their pincher-like claws. The Pubic Lice images in the show these Lice are clear in color and would be very hard to see on the human body.

Although the most common area of infestation is the genital area, the crab louse can live in almost any type of human hair. Pubic Lice and Pubic Lice eggs can be found in the eyebrows, beards, moustaches, thighs, abdomen, underarm and even eyelashes. Although it is possible to have an infestation of lice in pubic hair without any Pubic Lice Symptoms, the individual will usually experience itching. The Pubic Lice pictures clearly show that these are very hard to see in the genital area because of their clear color.

Again, an infestation of lice in pubic hair is usually considered an STD. This means that transmission most commonly occurs from direct person to person contact that usually involves sexual activity; however, it can occur through direct physical contact with contaminated objects such as bed linens, towels, clothes or toilet seats. The route of transmission via contaminated objects is thought to be very rare. It is a common misconception that an individual can contract this infestation from their pets. Animals cannot contract or spread Pubic Lice. It is also important to consider that infestation in a young child or adolescent may sometimes indicate sexual activity or abuse. The number one indication of Pubic Lice in children is the constant and annoying itching due to sexual activity or abuse.

Do I have Pubic Lice?

It is possible to have an infestation of Lice in pubic hair and not show any Pubic Lice Symptoms. Generally, however, the individual will experience itching that will worsen at night when the Pubic Genital Lice become more active and begin feeding.

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When Pubic Lice feed, they inject saliva into their host causing its primary symptom of itching. Scratching will only increase present irritation and may lead to secondary infections. Pubic Lice can also leave a painless, blue orgray rash accompanied by inflammation. It may also be possible to see the actual insect in the affected area or the presence of nits wrapped around the hair shaft. There is no difference with Pubic Lice on a male compared to Pubic Lice on a female.

Generally, someone that has been exposed to Pubic Lice or the Pubic Lice eggs will notice the primary symptom of itching immediately or within a one week time frame, but it can take up to 2-4 weeks for eggs to hatch and mature Lice to be seen. As you have seen above from the Pubic Lice images, no doubt it would be hard to see these pests in your pubic area,

Pubic Lice or Crabs Symptoms:
  • Itching in affected area
  • Presence of nits or adult Genital Lice or Crabs
  • Lesions in affected area due to scratching and bites

The Pubic Lice Solution

  • INSTANTLY Eliminates Pubic Lice and Eggs
  • Soothes the Itching due to biting
  • No Nit Combs Required
  • Stops the Infestation in Its TracksAS00120_140
Having Pubic Lice is stressful enough without the frustration of trying treatments that do not work.

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The problem is that most over-the-counter treatments don't work to resolve your problem; rather, they focus on treating your symptoms: the itching, the rash, etc. But our powerful Liceadex Lice Treatment System for eliminating Pubic Lice is specially designed to provide the most comprehensive, safest and quickest SOLUTION to treat your skin, hair, and body; and it is GUARANTEED or your money back!

With the complete, fast-acting treatment of Liceadex, you can end your suffering NOW and stop the spread, irritation and embarrassment of Pubic Lice. Not only that, you can try it NOW risk-free!

The Liceadex treatment begins working INSTANTLY to kill the lice and nits and is specially formulated to dissolve the glue that holds the nits onto your hair, thereby eliminating the need for nit combs and frustratingly lengthy Lice removal processes. Step-by-step instructions for your full treatment regimen are included in the package to aid in prevention of spreading and recontamination. The BEST part is all Liceadex products are nontoxic to you, but deadly to Pubic Lice and their eggs!
As you probably already know, if you miss one single nit (i.e., egg), you're back to square one. This is why it is so important to make sure that you remove ALL of the Lice from your hair AND from your environment. Our products target both areas, but what truly places the Liceadex System above other over-the-counter products is our AMAZING nontoxic formula that actually dissolves the nit glue ON CONTACT. This causes the Lice and nits easily fall away from the hair, ensuring absolute success the first time!!

Customer Success Stories

"I keep an extra bottle in my medicine cabinet, just in case.
I work in a nursing home. We recently had an outbreak of lice and I ended up with it also. I tried another product with no success. I looked on the web and found a product by All Stop. I had nothing to lose but the bugs, so I ordered some. I was stunned at how quickly their products worked. Now I am not afraid to take care of the residents at the nursing home. I keep an extra bottle of Liceadex in my medicine cabinet, just in case. Thanks!"
- Name Withheld, Haynes, Kansas

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"In just one application, the creepy little lice were gone. I could literally watch them die.
I was so upset... I got on my computer and found Liceadex. After calling in and talking to one of their friendly customer service reps, I had their lice treatment overnighted to me. In just one application, the creepy little lice were gone. I could literally watch them die. Their Liceadex even dissolved the glue on the lice nits."
- Name Withheld, Tennessee

"The bugs dropped dead. I am back to work and enjoying life.
I went away for a business conference and ended up with lice. We stayed at a really nice hotel, so I never dreamed that I would catch something. I work around a lot of people so I needed to get rid of this quick. I found Q-Based on the web and ordered their products immediately. As soon as I started using their products the bugs dropped dead. I am back at work and enjoying life."
- Name Withheld, Green Bay, WI

"After just one use of their products, my lice were dead. I was thrilled.
I am stationed overseas. When I stayed in a hotel on weekend leave, I ended up catching lice. The medic here on base kept giving me a pyrethrum shampoo to use, but it was not helping, still red and irritated. I looked online and found Liceadex. They shipped their product to me overseas. After just one use of their products, my lice were dead. I was thrilled and my doctor was amazed. Thanks for helping out one of the troops!"
- Name Withheld, Guam

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Pubic Lice FAQ's

Will your products take care of the pubic lice nits?

Our All Stop Liceadex Lice Removal Gel is made to kill the pubic lice bugs and their nits. Also it is formulated to release the glue that holds the nits on the hair shaft so that they rinse out with water.
You can also use the fine toothed comb provided to remove dead lice, debris and nits from the hair.

Will pubic lice go away without treatment?

Pubic lice will not go away if they are left untreated. The pubic lice infestation will only get worse. Pubic lice treatment is necessary to rid of lice.
With an adult louse laying about eight eggs per day and the life cycle lasting about 10 days. You can potentially have 80 bugs within a ten day period.

When do I know that we are not contagious anymore after pubic lice?

The general rule of thumb is after you have treated for pubic lice and have no more nits. Lice have a life cycle of 21 days.
You should continue to check to make sure that there is no re-occurrence or outbreak of pubic lice.

What do pubic lice nits look like?

Pubic lice nits are usually yellow to white in color and are firmly attached to the pubic hair shaft. They are usually located about half an inch up from the hair root.

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