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pampervention skin care products

Do you have problems with dry skin or simply feel you are overdue for some rejuvenating pampering?
We offer solutions to pamper yourself while preventing harmful microorganisms from intruding on your body or surroundings. Our unique formulations are guaranteed to restore even the most sensitive skins and to bring your skin to its most lustrous and healthiest form. Enjoy spa quality skincare without the spa price that Pampervention Products offer from the comfort of your own home.

prevent skin parasitesMedicated Body Wash soothes the senses while eliminating harmful bacteria from the surface of your skin. The lightly scented Body Wash relaxes your mind while protecting your body from harmful bacteria and viruses such as the flu and Staph Infection. Take charge of your skin today by including the Medicated Body Wash as part of your daily skin maintenance routine. Rid your skin of harmful bacteria to bring out the true shine within you.

all stop medicated body wash
pamper your skin
Ultra Moisturizering Cream soothes and relaxes the skin with natural lubricants from wheat germ oil and jojoba oil while healing with anti-inflammatory ingredients from natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Arnica, and Chamomile. Our Ultra Moisturizing Cream has a pleasant, natural scent. This mild scent is sure to bring an element of relaxation to your daily moisturizing routine.
restorate your skinMedicated Shea Butter Soap has a unique blend of shea butter, sulfur and Balsam of Peru that are not found in any other medicated soap. This unique formulation offers a high quality treatment of skin ailments that surpasses other soaps. This allows our soap to have an exceptionally large healing fraction as well as itch relief while soothing the senses. This healing fraction contains important nutrients, vitamins and other valuable phytonutrients necessary for healing. Shea Butter is an all natural Vitamin A cream that helps to effectively treat and moisturize the skin. Because of these unique healing properties the Shea tree got its name, the karite tree or the tree of life. Balsam of Peru, the other main ingredient in our Sulphur and Shea Butter Soap, is the liquid produced by trees when cuts are made into the tree and has many healing powers. Our Medicated Sulphur & Shea Butter Soap is the perfect addition to any household because of its mild yet effective nature.

all stop shea butter soap


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