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Pet Leashes, Cables and Stakes

When a dog runs ahead of you and reaches the end of his fixed length leash there is usually a sudden jerk which places excessive pressure on the dog's spine and windpipe, and on the handlers shoulder and arm. With a stretchable leash your dog encounters increasing resistance which can give it an advance warning that it is about to come to the end of your pet's leash. The dog quickly learns when it is time to back off before reaching the end of the leash. This can eliminate the constant jerking which is so often associated with walking your dog. Not only is it more comfortable for you it is a lot healthier for the dog.

If you walk your dog regularly and have a hard time, if you have ever wished there was a easy way around, if you have just gotten a very lively puppy who tugs and pulls a lot, then a sturdy leash is what you need.

Almost 13,000 years ago, the dawn of the canine domestication, some forward thinking (albeit appropriately primitive) human was frustrated. For the hundredth time, his dog had took off for parts unknown, leaving no trace as to where he is. Once the dog finally returned, the human decided to finally do something about it. He fashioned a rudimentary rope out of the best fibers and vines he could find, and secured it around his dog's chest and neck to create our history's first leash.

This is pure speculation. However the premise is probably close to the reality. For thousands of years afterwards, humans relied on the simple leash to keep their dogs within range and trouble free. Technology of leashes has not changed much. Materials improved and collars entered the picture as well, but normally one dog leash was pretty much the same as the other.

Times have changed. The relationship between humans and dogs and leashes have evolved dramatically. Recently leashes come in all fabrics, shapes and sizes, which offers an incredible range of functionality and performance.

There are different types of leashes

  • Specialty Leashes: Because ordinary leashes are not designed for extreme circumstances, sourced couplets provide for tangle free multi dog walkers, there eco friendly leashes for the environment.
  • Bike leashes: For safe riding and walking of your dogs and reflective dog leads for light safety in the dark.
  • Training Leashes: Leashes are the most reliable means to ensure your dog's safety. Safety can start with training. You can find long dog leashes for field training and even shock absorbing dog leads for sensitive puppies. There are also leashes designed to encourage effective and safe exercise for both you and your dog.
  • Leather Leashes: The are newer model leather leashes than there used to be. These are usually more elegant than the old standard.
  • Retractable Leashes: These leashes are convenient and portable. Retractable leashes can pack tons of functionality with a lot of room to roam in a very small package.
A pet leash is mainly used as a means of control or constraint when handling your pet. Leashes come in a variety of styles and material and are can be tailored to fit specific breeds or species. Dogs are known to be the most common leash users, but cats as well as other smaller animals are also trained to tolerate leashes as well.
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