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Pet Toys

Treat your pets and help keep them entertained with new toys. Find pet toys for dogs, cats, birds and many other animals. Choose from a wide range of squeaky toys, soft toys, chewable toys, balls, Frisbees and much more. You can benefit from learning the advantages of pet toys and about the different types of pet toys available.

Advantages of Pet Toys

Pet owners have used several varieties of toys to entertain their pet and for pet training. Balls have been used for retrieving and throwing. A variety of simulated or actual bones have been also used as retrieving toys for pets. However, these and other pet toys have not provided high degrees of visual activity which can accentuate the attractiveness of the toys to the pets. Some prior art pet toys have also been difficult for pets to catch. The use of toy balls has been limited to relatively small balls which can easily be grasped in the mouth of the cat, dog or other pet. This limitation of balls for pets of a relatively small size has also limited the ability of pets to see the balls. Small balls are easily lost or misplaced and are more difficult to find. There still remains a need for an improved pet ball toy which can be easily retrieved and seen by the pet and pet owner.

There is also a continuing need for pet toys which can provide a higher level of interest. This is particularly true for pet owners who are interested in developing greater pet skills and intelligence in a shorter time span. Many pet toys prove interesting for only a limited time and thus can not maintain interest and can limit the effectiveness of the toy as a skill trainer and educational tool.

Types of Pet Toys

Pet toys include many fun and attractive items. They often include several bright colors. This is so they can draw the attention of both the humans and animals. Many include noisemakers, such as squeakers and bells, for this same reason.

There are many benefits to which pet toys can provide. Many toys are designed to aid animals with teething needs. For instance, some chews can help with oral hygiene in dogs. Others can help rodents grind down their teeth to healthier lengths.

Pet toys can also serve to provide entertainment and stimulation for both pets and their owners. They can aid with problem solving and excercise. Some are also designed to reward hard work completed. This stimulation will encourage your pet to be a healthy and active pet.

Pet Toy Replacement

Although toys are great companions for your pet, they should be constantly replaced as the toys get worn. Dogs can also get tired of playing with the same toy over and over again. Other than these reasons, it is also important to consider the needs of your growing dog through several transitory stages in its life. Most dog toys are beneficial to a dog's health and welfare. Dog toys contribute to the intellectual and emotional well being of your dog. But what helps you choose when buying a new toy for your pet? Which ones are beneficial and which ones are more suited for your pet's specific needs?

Finding the Right Pet Toy

It is best to determine the needs of your dog or cat to find out which squeaky toys are perfect for him or her. Various stages of growth may also warrant a different types of toy. Puppies need toys which are meant for chewing so they will aid in the development of their teeth and promote healthy gums. Puppies are also very prone to anxieties caused by the separation from the mother. Giving your puppy a chewy toy can help him cope with stress.

Active dogs can use more proactive toys which require a lot of jumping and running, toys like throw balls and Frisbees may be the most appropriate for these kinds of dogs. There are also factors such as weight and size of the toy as compared to the age and size of the dog which should be considered when choosing the proper pet toys.

It is most important that you provide your pet the dog toys it deserves. It is a part of their lives that should not be left unconsidered. You can come up with a variety of squeaky toys for your pet to play with as this stimulates activity and training. Another important factor that should never be left out is when buying pet toys, always consider your pet's safety first. Make sure these toys are manufactured to be safe for dogs to handle, whether unsupervised or supervised. Make sure they are free of elements which may cause harm on your pet.
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