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Combat Pet Ailments Before They Happen with Quality Cat & Dog Vitamins

The vitamins and minerals contained in each tablet help to boost your cat or dogs immune system. A fortified and well-balanced Immune System is important when treating complicated and stressful conditions such as demodectic mange, itchy flaky skin, aging ailments, inflammation and allergies. Common immune disorders may result in a number of odd behavioral patterns and symptoms including inflamed ears, excessive licking of the front paws, swelling of the toes or an irritated or swollen rear quarter (usually noticeable by licking and dragging of the rear on the floor).

Pets'BestRx Mighty Vites Immunity Booster helps to reduce the previously mentioned symptoms, as well as balancing and increasing your Pet's Main Line of Defense against injury, illness and aging. The formula also gives a healthy boost to their Immune System.

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Mange Dip Toxic to Pets

Many pet owners are advised by the vet to perform "dips" to cure mange. Vets don't inform you of the toxic nature of these mange treatment dips. More often than not these dips will do more harm than good. Your pet can experience a number a side-effects from these mange dips. We know you want to do what's best for your pet and unfortunately they can't tell you what they need. Our non-toxic mange treatment will kill mange without giving your pet painful side-effects.

Vicki S. can testify to this exact situation.

Vicki wrote, "We have a 6 month old German Shepherd Mix (Brady) that was diagnosed with Demodex mange a week ago by our vet. The vet did a "dip" last Saturday. Since then Brady has lost more hair on his body (arms, legs and chest) as well as most of the hair on his face. He has scabs, some open sores and "bumps" on his back and butt. He has a definite "bad" smell now. He scratches and licks like crazy. We got a cone for him and that has helped. The vet said we could give him Benedryl 3 times a day. I found your site on the web and am interested in your product."

The hair loss is caused by the toxic nature of the dip. The bad smell Brady had is caused by secondary infections most likely caused by the skin irritation the dip caused. We were able to help Vicki restore Brady to full health with our safe, non-toxic mange treatment. Brady is happy to mange free and Vicki is glad to have her furry friend restored to full health and back to his spunky self.

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